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In January of 1998, at the age of 48, I looked back on a life that had given me everything I could possibly have asked for. I was on a peak gazing out on a world of which I had tasted, fought with and for, a world of glory and damnation, through which I had struggled and climbed ... and I felt proud and awed, grateful ...and empty.

I was guided to a Quest in the Big Bend section of Texas. There, Raven came to me, in Spirit and body, and he told me to quit my job, sell what I owned and go on the road ... that he would lead me and that the Spirits would guide me and give me stories and songs ... that I would be shown wonderful things, places, animals and people ... that I only need cede control and I would be taken care of and my life would be transformed.

Friends and family were shocked, but no one greater than I, when I took Raven up on his offer.  I, who had always been a ‘control freak’, who had to have check list to function day to day.

For some 70,000 miles, I wandered hither and yon, with pen and camera and guitar, Raven leading the way but with Coyote doing most of the talking. 

Time no longer had boundaries; images, stories, songs, became a ageless life tapestry of past, present, and future threads.

I was eventually led to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, to a most wonderful companion,  helpmeet and wife, SoloSpeak.

I would come back to the Christ of my youth and realize that my life’s path was God’s way of re-emphasizing the lessons I learned so long ago.  The scriptural lesson was exactly that of Raven, that I only need cede control to God and I would be taken care of and my life would be transformed.

The rich tapestry of my way has solidified the realms of reality and spirituality into one focused life.

I have, likewise, learned that the lessons, tales and music, gleaned along the way are no more my own than is the air or the sea, that they are meant to be shared.

It has been an extraordinary journey, ever changing, humbling and fulfilling, and continuing today. I have been truly blessed and I welcome all who would share this journey with me.

The following pages each promotes a book , in order of publication. They have changed in manner and scope as has my life. There is poetry, short stories, collaborations, history ... an ever-changing canvas of my perspectives.

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